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Have you made a new friend in our chat room here at BOC??? If so we would like to hear about it.  Drop us a line and let us know!! 

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Welcome to the BOC Chat room.  We welcome you to chat with us here in this forum.  Chat with other collectors about your latest find or perhaps ask a question about a collectible, make new friends and share your experiences.  You can enter the chat room by typing  in a name and clicking on enter

BOC apologizes for the pop up ads entering and leaving chat, but that's how the bills get paid guys and keeps this chat room free.

Chat Schedule:

Bottle Chat just got easier...

  chat times!!!

 Chat with other collectors, and make new friends... NEW Chat Schedule:  Tuesdays and Thursday evenings from 8 to 11 (est).


Happy Chatting from  Bottles and Other Collectibles.







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