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"The Web Site with many Web Sites Rolled into One..."

About This Site

"THANK YOU" for visiting the ever changing, "Bottles and Other Collectibles" (otherwise known as BOC), which will begin its 6th year on the net in January 2004. This web site is many web sites rolled into one, that can be easily accessed using our side navigator.   This site has taken on many different looks over the four years. We are now frame-free. We hope you like the new look.

* BOC welcomes pictures from your collection (see details).


In addition to Antique Bottles, you will find newer collectible bottles here, such as Medicines, Avon, Wheaton and Decanters.

You will find various areas of interest including  Disney items,  Tramp Art collectibles, Napkin Art, Garage Sale Hints, Mysteries, Guest Collectors and many others as they appear!

You can chat with other collectors, post a message at the BOC Message Center, shop at our book shop, help solve a mystery on our Mystery Collectible page, see what others are collecting on our Guest Collector's page, win our award or just browse our pages.

Please be sure to sign our Guest Book before you leave :-)  Your feedback is very helpful and often inspiring.
Enjoy your stay and come back and see us!


Our intent  here at BOC  is to foster a love for collecting, without a lot of emphasis on value, and what you can "get" for an item on the open market.  With that in mind, BOC does not offer appraisals for your antiques and collectibles.

Yes, it's true, we all like to have things that are valuable...but sometimes there is just the joy one can have from collecting without worrying about making a good investment.  I collect things like paper napkins, because I enjoy it, not because I visualize myself retiring a rich man from it.

Perhaps one of our major goals here at BOC is celebrate the idea of creating a collection and help to foster an enthusiasm for that.   BOC welcomes new collectors and hope we can broaden your love for collecting.

 There is much to be said from the peace of mind and inner joy of collecting for collecting sake. If you enjoy collecting you came to the right place !~!~!

At  "Bottles and Other Collectibles"  we want to put the fun back into collecting.

PLEASE NOTE:  BOC does  not provide appraisal or research services. 

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Identify Your Bottles

Please be sure to visit our sister site,  "E.T.  Collectibles".  

Stills, collectibles and sound wavs from the film.


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Bud Hastins Avon Collector's Guide

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Depression Glass

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Bottles and Other  Collectibles!




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This site is dedicated to my daughter Carolyn, who gives me reason for living and breathing each day.

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***Special Thanks to family and friends

that always give me encouraging words to continue this is often my sanity.


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